Refer Part I – Core Standard for about these standard.

The following key words occur frequently throughout the standards:

Shall: used where a provision is mandatory, if the provider is operating fully in accordance with the standards.

Should: used where a provision is recommended, not mandatory. It indicates that the provider needs to consider their specific situation and decide for themselves whether it applies or is relevant.


Bicycle activities

Mountain Biking is riding a bicycle on unsealed surfaces, such as gravel roads, fire trails, single track, or open or rocky ground, and can involve manoeuvring through or around obstacles such as fallen or narrowly spaced trees, creeks, mud, rocks, man-made structures and other technical trail features. This includes overnight or extended mountain biking activities.

Cycle Touring is riding a bicycle on roads and formed bike paths or trails. This includes overnight or extended cycle touring activities.



Activities that are not covered by this AAS are:

  • Mountain biking in competitive events
  • Cycle Touring in competitive events
  • The use of motorcycles
  • Activities associated with Camping while on overnight or extended mountain biking or Cycle touring activities.


Bicycle related activities

Related activities are:

Camping when undertaking overnight or extended activities.

Refer separate activity standards for Camping.


Bicycle activity specific appendixes

Appendix 1 – Mountain bike riding trail classifications

Appendix 2 – Equipment lists




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