Bicycle activity specific terms & definitions

Bicycle is a vehicle consisting of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel. Designs may vary and include designed for riding on road, off road, in hybrid of conditions or for mountain biking. Bicycle may also include:

  • power assisted e-bikes
  • tri bikes
  • quad bikes.

Cycle Touring is riding a bicycle on roads and formed bike paths or trails.

Flash flooding: is flooding in a localised area with a rapid onset, usually as the result of relatively short intense bursts of rainfall.

Mountain bike is a bicycle that has a design for off road use that includes off-road tyres, front and rear brakes, gears and ‘mountain bike’ design handle bars.

Mountain Biking is riding a mountain bike on unsealed surfaces and may involve manoeuvring through or around obstacles.

Motorcycles a vehicle powered by a motor. Designs may vary and include designed for riding on road, off road and in hybrid of conditions. Motorcycles may also include:

  • power assisted e-bikes, where its specifications are deemed to be classified as a motorcycle for vehicle licencing or registration requirements in the jurisdiction it is used,
  • tri-motorcycles and
  • quad-motorcycles.

Obstacles: in relation to:

  • Mountain Biking: may include but is not limited to fallen or narrowly spaced trees, tree branches, shallow water crossings, mud, rocks, steep terrain, depressions, potholes, jumps, logs, ruts, bridges, drainage grates or man-made structures.
  • Cycle Touring may include but is not limited to bridges, water on road, bumps, depressions, pot holes, drainage grates, train lines, parked vehicles or other man-made structures.

Road is a formed sealed and unsealed carriageway, that requires vehicles to comply with relevant ‘transport’ or ‘road’ law or regulation.

Support vehicle: a vehicle used to follow or meet a group that can provide any aid or assistance

Trail a sealed or unsealed surface designed for bicycle riding that is not a road.

Unsealed surfaces may include gravel roads, loose surfaces, fire ‘trails’, single track, open ground, sand or rocky ground

Also refer terms and definitions Part I – Core Standard.

Also refer terms and definitions Camping Activity Standard.


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