1.1 Activity overview

A horse trail ride involves organised recreational horseback riding where dependent participants are led as a group, outside of small enclosed areas and through varying environments.

Horse trail rides include:

  • Short routine rides in tracked areas
  • Longer rides in untracked or remote areas including multi day rides
  • Rides where riders provide their own mounts.

The standard identifies specific section headings that separates requirements for:

  • Routine rides (see glossary)
  • Advanced rides (see glossary)

Where a section heading does not mention either Routine or Advance rides, it applies to both types of rides.

1.1.1 Horse trail riding exclusions

This standard does not cover riding lessons and competitive events.

1.1.2 Related activities

Where camping is involved refer to the separate activity standard for Camping.

1.3 Horse trail riding specific appendixes

A1 – Equipment lists – routine

A2 – Equipment lists – advanced

A3 – Other related information




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