3 – Planning

Refer Core Good Practice Guide – Activity Planning.

3.1 Activity plans

Additional challenge course activity planning considerations MAY include but are not limited to:

  • site characteristics such as:
    • supervision line of sight
    • waiting areas
  • element characteristics such as:
    • difficulty
    • height
    • belay system used
  • leader competencies required
  • activity proregression
  • appropriate warm-up or lead-up activities (g. trust, cooperation, communication)
  • suitable options to allow “challenge by choice”
  • operating procedures and instructions that need to be provided
  • participant training required (g. spotting, belaying, attaching to safety systems)
  • any other relevant considerations listed in this document and the Core Good Practice Guide.

3.2 Emergency management planning

Refer Core Good Practice Guide – Emergency management planning.

The use of relevant rescue systems and procedures MUST be practiced periodically.


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