4 – Participants

Refer Core Good Practice Guide – Participants.

4.1 Information provided pre-activity

Pre-activity information SHOULD clearly communicate:

  • expectations and activity conditions
  • as per Core Good Practice Guide – Participants.

An appropriate pre-activity assessment SHOULD be conducted to ensure participants have the necessary pre-requisite skills & knowledge to undertake the activity.

4.2 Participant considerations

Appropriate procedures MUST be in place to address risks associated with participants living with or experiencing an impairment.

Also refer Core Good Practice Guide – Participants: Restrictions.

4.3 Participant health and wellbeing

Potential measures to assist in providing positive participant experiences MAY include but are not limited to:

  • providing the activity as an option so it is ‘challenge by choice’
  • providing a scaled level of experience to build participants level of skill, knowledge and experience
  • providing real choice in terms of activity entry and exit options
  • providing a briefing of hazards and risks and how these are managed
  • considering the group dynamics when grouping participants
  • providing emotional support through a supportive environment and positive rapport
  • building and maintaining positive relationships within the group
  • reducing as much as practical any discomfort from the equipment used.


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