Refer to the core standard for about the Australian AAS.

Camping overview

Camping is the use of a temporary site in natural areas for overnight camping. This may be for one night or multiple nights.

Camping can occur in a diverse range of environments including but is not limited to:

  • coastal
  • plains
  • forest
  • arid or outback
  • tropical
  • mountain or alpine

Camping exclusions

This activity standard does not cover the activities involved or used in reaching the camping location.

Camping related activities

Where the means used to reach the camping location is by an adventure activity, then the appropriate adventure activity standard shall be complied with.

For example, if camping occurs during a Bushwalking activity, then the Bushwalking activity standard is also used in conjunction with this Camping activity standard.

Camping appendix

Refer to the Bushwalking standard for a list of common camping equipment.



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