Australian AAS public consultation – Bushwalking & Camping activities


Consultation – CLOSED

The public consultation period for the bushwalking activity standard and the camping activity standard has closed on the 29 May 2017.


Download the document(s)

Read this first – Download a 2 page brief overview guide on how the Core Standard and Activity Standards fit together – File size 0.6 MB


Download a copy of the draft bushwalking activity standard – File size 0.8 MB


Download a copy of the draft camping activity standard – File size 0.7 MB.


Download a copy of the most current draft Part I – Core Standard – File size 1.4 MB.



View the draft online

View the bushwalking draft online

View the camping draft online



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Things are never perfect and that is why we are getting feedback on the draft. The FAQ section lists a number of concerns, questions and feedback we have already received or identified. The idea is to explain some of the reasons why the draft is currently the way it is.

Go to the FAQ page on the website 

About the Australian AAS

For background information about the Australian AAS, see the website.


Download related material in PDF

Download the Q&A responses to common questions file size 45KB


Download the guide to new and key frameworks file size 46KB

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