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Angling Consultation period has now closed

The public consultation period for Angling was from 10 July 2019 to 7 Aug 2019 (9.00am AEST – Melbourne time).



Thanks for taking the time to participant and have your say about the Australian AAS content.

You can download the draft document(s) below, view online the draft.

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Download the document(s)

Angling Activity Good Practice Guide

Download a copy of the draft Angling Good Practice Guide. File size 668 KB.


Core Good Practice Guide (Core GPG)

Download a copy of the Core Good Practice Guide (pre-release version) by clicking button. File size 1,347 KB.


Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAAS)

Download a copy of the Australian Adventure Activity Standard (pre-release version) by clicking button. File size 365 KB.



Your say


The consultation period has now closed.


View the draft online

View the draft online.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Things are never perfect and that is why we are getting feedback on the draft. The FAQ section lists a number of concerns, questions and feedback we have already received or identified. The idea is to explain some of the reasons why the draft is currently the way it is.

1 – Leader competence – how it works overview

If you are wanting to know 1) how leaders skills and experience work or 2) the difference between what competencies a leader may require and recognising those competencies – then click here to check out this post.

2 – Revised presentation of “the standard” and “Good Practice Guides” – overview

The revised presentation format is discussed in this news post:

3 – FAQ

Go to the FAQ page on the website 


About the Australian AAS

For background information about the Australian AAS, see the website.


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