Also refer to Part I – Core Standard

Activity plans

Abseil & Climb activity plans

Activity plan considerations should include but are not limited to:

  • aims and objectives of activity
  • interest, abilities and experience of the participants
  • the intended route to the site
  • the access to start & finish locations and throughout the activity
  • identifying site specific hazards and risks
  • environmental conditions
  • the expected weight of equipment need to be carried
  • supervision requirements specific to the site
  • surface type, stability and soundness of any features and anchors
  • characteristics of the route(s) g. difficulty, height, pitch, overhangs
  • availability of waiting areas.


Emergency management planning

Abseil & Climb emergency management plan

Also refer to Part I – Core Standard ‘emergency management planning’ section.

A non-participating contact should be used as part of the emergency management plan for all activities and shall be used if providing activities in remote areas or where there is only one activity leader.

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