Australian AAS public consultation – Abseiling & Climbing

Consultation period

The public consultation period for abseiling & climbing is open till the 5 Feb 2018 (at 9.00am AEDT) .



Thanks for taking the time to participant and have your say about the Australian AAS content.

You can download the draft document(s), view online the draft and submit feedback.

Not sure what the Australian AAS is all about? Refer to the website.


Download the document(s)

Download a copy of the draft abseil-climb activity standard by clicking here. File size 872 KB.


Download a copy of the Core Standard v1.7 by clicking here. File size 1,163 KB.


Your say

Provide feedback by clicking this link to the online feedback form.


View the draft online

View the draft online.



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Things are never perfect and that is why we are getting feedback on the draft. The FAQ section lists a number of concerns, questions and feedback we have already received or identified. The idea is to explain some of the reasons why the draft is currently the way it is.

Go to the FAQ page on the website 

About the Australian AAS

For background information about the Australian AAS, see the website.

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